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It is not necessary to mention, that it costs a lot to travel together with an interpreter, who is well informed about local terms and traditions, but the interpreter is indispensable for important conferences, negotiations, business negotiations, etc. at the partner country. Many companies are worried about what to do. We can solve the problem, dispatching our local professional excellent interpreters, who are very translators who are well aware of local specialties and know the local mentality. This really saves a lot of money for our customers and effectively achieve the goals of their business trips. Our local interpreters, in addition to that fact that they are all native speakers, have very good competence and rich experience of interpreting, and they are part of our big team.


─ We have carefully selected interpreters who know the whole local area with many years of experience, so we can guarantee that our clients' satisfaction is always maintained at a high level.


The major feature of our interpreter team is to understand the mentality of locals as locals, and to take into account the actions, requests, and attitudes of our clients in consideration of the thinking, vision and feelings of clients.


Our policy is to provide our clients with the conditions that if they hire our interpreters, they will not have to speak again and again in order their partner guess what the client says, that means, that the client will not have to do the same work once again. Only one principle is acceptable to us – “Client came, Client saw, Client conquered”. We guarantee that you have the best conditions so that you can use your valuable time effectively, using the most of our interpreter's local know-how, and realize the target thoroughly in a short period of time. .


Based on the experience of providing interpreters and translators for a long time, factors that could not be predicted at work suddenly occurred, and the interpreter who came far from foreign country to the local area got sick, so a client's plan crushed. There is always a lot of unpredictable risks, for example, a lack of competence in special fields, that does not allow to make effective negotiations etc. Since humans are humans, interpreters sometimes get sick, make mistakes, even sometimes tell a lie. In that sense, in addition to dispatching an interpreter, we keep several interpreters in the field on the off-chance with the same competence, so that the work of our customers is always successful. In the unlikely event that our interpreter is out of order, we will arrange for the same level of interpretation immediately. You don't have to worry about that at the client site, just focus on your work.


Our team interpreters are given the work with the trust of our company. Interpreters are proficient and weak in each field, so we only dispatch interpreters who are good in that field in response to inquiries from clients. It enables our large-scale interpreter database of registrants. We have a database that does not exist in other companies, and we arrange interpreters for the appropriate level and fee for clients.

The teamwork of our project members and our experienced interpreters are two pillars of the trust of our clients. Basically, once requested clients become regular customers of our company, and we have established a win-win relationship with all each other for a long time.


Our interpreters have experience in high-level government negotiations, international conferences, symposiums, workshops, military fields, diplomacy, trade, medical care, IT, industry and international trading bargains.

Another important feature of our interpreting team is that we know the local situation well, so in order to solve the problems faced by clients, sudden change of appointment time, change of interview partner, cancellation etc. Responding flexibly, quickly finding necessary contact persons and contacts, requesting new appointments and interviews that were not planned, and reserving accommodation, arranging vehicles, we will give you various advice on how to spend time off, providing sightseeing guides in the town.


The interpretation of our team has gained trust of many people all over the world.

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