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Local support

When you leave your country, it is natural that various unfamiliar things happen in foreign countries, and communication problems such as airport transfer, meeting appointments, and collection of information on local sports etc.


MIRAI-ERDANI has a variety of services to respond to customers who are operating in the markets of CIS-countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Uzbekistan etc. or who are considering expanding into these markets and who need local support:


  • All local coordinator services

  • Appointment acquisition service with clients

  • Creating reports such as various surveys, analysis, and information collection, and discover various new projects

  • GR-consulting

  • Lobbying activities at government agencies such as licensing and licensing

  • Various consultants and support regarding legal, accounting audit, company establishment, import / export customs clearance procedures

  • Internet software, content adaptation (language, system, etc.), creation services, and WEB services for Japanese companies starting online sales in Russian-speaking countries

  • Marketing research, company product promotion, customer / dealer search, sales on our network, campaign implementation, mobile vehicle arrangement / pick-up / VISA acquisition support

  • Sales company survey

  • Imported company survey

  • Existence of transactions with Japanese companies

  • Market research, market trends, presence / absence of needs for Japanese products, possibility of partnership with sales companies / distributors, possibility of business development, etc.

  • Review and explanation to ensure a comprehensive understanding of legal systems in CIS countries

  • Vehicle arrangement

  • Rental of mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers

  • WEB site research

  • WEB content translation individual interview

  • Questionnaire survey

  • Catalog collection

  • Marketing using SNS

  • Company inquiry (company name / address / phone / URL)

  • Product price survey

  • Competitor price survey

  • Tax system, import procedures, legal investigation


Even if you don't have an office in this region of the world. We provide various BPO services (agent agency, consulting, interpreting, translating, coordinating, negotiating / liaisoning with the other party), and we are ready to be your agent at the best terms.

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