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Document translation
Voice Over Subtitling
Video translation
Native check
Manual translation

Translation of various documents at a high level in a wide range of fields including specialized fields

Translate various reports, academic papers, speeches, books, press-releases,  clinical / non-clinicalresear  documents, publication materials, conference materials, training materials, manuals, audit materials etc. in a wide range of fields such as politics, economy, finance, management, IT, medical care, medicine, law, legal affairs, culture, tourism, and sports into over 90 languages ​​at different  document types. Our team of translators, checkers and project managers with a high sense of solidarity works to create high quality products. We have highly qualified professionals who are experienced in translating all forms of documents in all fields to meet your needs.

As for a client's order, we consider the translation work according to the content, purpose, period and budget, and propose the optimal translation service. From the time of ordering to the selection of translators and reviewers, progress management, and final confirmation of delivery, we respond responsibly to client's request.

We currently handle over 90 languages, among which our translators with the highest levels of CIS, Asian and Eastern European languages have implemented a number of large projects and received a large number of customers, getting a high evaluation. The languages in the above areas are the three pillars of our business with the largest number of translators, and as for other languages we work of course with high level of responsibility.


With increasing presence of Japanese companies in the rapidly expanding 280 million customers CIS-countries market, which accounts for 4% of the world's population, MIRAI-ERDANI's team of translators and reviewers understanding well the local condition and terms of this market, strives every day to provide the highest quality translation service in Japanese-CIS-countries languages. We are proud of our translator database in Japanese and CIS languages, which is not available in other companies, including the main languages of 15 countries in the former Soviet Union, including Russian, the official language of CIS- countries.

With the rapid expansion of the Eurasian Economic Union market, clients such as major consumer electronics manufacturers, information and communication companies, and general trading companies have been requesting strict quality of translation of Russian, Kazakh, Belarusian, Armenian, and Kyrgyz, and providing best results, being highly appreciated by clients, the number of repeat customers is increasing every day. In order to satisfy our customers' high quality requirements, we provide translation services only by experienced and specialized translators. We arrange professional translators appropriately, determine whether translators' language skills and expertise are appropriate, and manage translator schedules and translation progress.

Our translators, editors, and project managers in languages ​​of Southeast Asia, Arabian countries, and Eastern Europe took part in a large-scale translation projects, as well as translated thousands of pages in such fields as biotechnology, space development technology, IT technology, industrial production technology, and medical care etc. gaining trust from leading companies and government agencies around the world.

In the Japanese-English / English-Japanese translation field, we provide translation services to various customers with the concept of low price and high quality.

Now we are currently involved in translation projects that use mass corpus translation and AI. If you are looking vendors for this kind of projects, please, don't hesitate to contact with us.

Translation of various manuals and instructions

The quality of Japanese products is very well received all over the world, and MIRAI-ERDANI translated a huge volume of manual and instructions of Panasonic, Sony, Canon and other famous makers appropriately to convey the goodness of Japanese products to users around the world.

In addition to CAT (SDL Trados, memoQ, WordFast etc.), we use our own TM, which increases from order to order, which allows us to carry out large volumes of translation in a short time.

We efficiently translate various instruction manuals / specifications / introduction manuals / operation manuals / maintenance / inspection manuals / service manuals / quick start guides / help messages from Japanese into over 90 languages.

Video Translation Service / Voice Over Subtitle

We provide video&audio  translation,  voice over subtitling, and full package service for audio and video localization at more than 90 languages. Our one-stop  localization service package covers a wide range of fields, from movies, dramas to  documentaries, business, medicine, teaching material, entertainment etc.

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